A labor doula is an independent, self-employed professional that offers pregnancy and birth support. This typically looks like emotional, physical, and informational support as needed with each clients specific needs. Research has shown with this care, there have been positive results for the birther and their baby.

Katie has supported over 100 births in this way since 2013. The births she has attended have taken place across Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi in a variety on home and hospital settings. She believes in evidence based care and helps her clients navigate their options through unbiased support. She believes with great support you can do anything!

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Katie was 1000% born to be a doula and she is amazing at what she does. She goes above and beyond for every single client she works with. She even went as far as to buy and bring back dinner for my husband and I because the hospital cafeteria was closed and no one else could get us food because of covid restrictions! Gosh I could go on for days, as a nurse I watched her be understanding and flexible with my medical staff while requesting the things she knew I wanted and didn’t want. As a pediatric medical professional, I know how much of a difference it makes when the patient has an advocate…no one should have to have a baby without Katie Terry (or a doula of equal awesomeness) by their side.

Meggin, Alabama

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Katie offers free consultations to learn more about her and her services to see she is a great fit for your birth team. She is happy to answer any questions during this time. There is no obligation to hire! Please reach out to schedule one through the Contact Me page.