Virtual Doula Services




Are you nervous about not having professional support during your birth? Is your partner concerned they may not remember everything from childbirth classes? Things are different during this pandemic but we are here for you! Our services are still available even if we cannot be physically present at your birth!

We are utilizing telecommunication as a means to support our clients. The service includes but is not limited to 2 prenatal prep appointments, access to our virtual Simply Birth class, call-in support during care provider appointments, and unlimited support during pregnancy. During your birth, we will be available for you as well to provide support with informational and emotional support and will be cheering you on each step of the way!

The service is a $100 deposit for 4 hours of prenatal support to be followed by a $25/hr fee to be determined after your birth and will be invoiced. Please contact us with any questions and to schedule a free consultation.


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