Our Doulas...

Our labor doulas are trained professionals that regard birth as a beautiful and blessed time in one’s life. Each doula at the Shoals Doula Group holds in high respect the honor that is bestowed upon them when being asked to attend one’s birth. Each of our doulas are certified through CAPPA and work hard to continue our education through multiples trainings and seminars.

Each doula has her own unique way that she attends to the mother and we encourage you to meet each doula till you feel comfortable as to whom you choose to be with you at your birth. When you contact us, we will arrange a consultation so you can meet our doulas who are available for your birth. We allow one week to discuss the decision of hiring one of us.  We would be honored to attend your birth but want you to find the birth team that fits your needs best.


Currently practicing doulas:




Katie Terry, CLD & Owner




Jamie Wallace, CLD